In the last decade, millions of otherwise healthy computer users have developed a painful, debilitating and sometimes disabling condition known as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Computer Related Injury (CRI) or Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorder (WRMSD). “In a period of just 10 years RECOUP has provided aid for over 60 Fortune 500 companies.” Want to gear up to grow your business!!! We are here with the excellence in ergonomics to the best of our knowledge in the world to help your company succeed in all areas of 24*7 workforces.

Cost Effective Employee Care

Ergonomic friendly workplace can save your pennies from your employees workers compensation claims. Not only that, it increases the productivity too. All we think is your benefit and profit. RECOUP has been providing corporate wellness solutions to some of the top corporate of the country for many years. We plan and customize tailor made flexible packages to suit the client’s requirements at a highly competitive rate. Our occupational Physicians and nurses are highly experienced at industry standards and competent to provide a support to day to day on-site medical needs and employee wellness. The most important and unique feature of our different health check-up packages are they are done at the clients place i.e. the offices where the employee actually works. So a great deal of hazard and time are saved on going to any distant clinic in a particular time and waiting in a long queue.


RECOUP is one of the largest Occupational Health and Ergonomics Consultancies in the world, with over 60 Fortune 500 and other prominent long-term and repeat clients, catering to over 2,00,000 employees daily. RECOUP’s Ergonomists have received exclusive hands-on training from Prof. Daniela Colombini, Prof. Enrico Occhipinti, Dr. Natale Battevi, Ms. Lucia Pigini (Ergonomists from Milano, Italy; inventors of Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation, OCRA and MAPO methods of Ergonomic Assessment), Prof. Arun Garg (Ergonomist from Wisconsin, USA; inventor of Strain Index and NIOSH Lifting Equation), Dr. Kazutaka Kogi (President, International Commission for Occupational Health and developer of Participatory Ergonomics), Dr. Enrique Alvarez-Casado (President, Catalan Ergonomics Association, Spain and co developer of Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation), Dr. Steven Sanet (Founder, Osteopathic College of Ontario), Marilyn Lock (Alexander Teacher, Pilates Trainer and Physiotherapist from Melbourne, Australia) and Ms. Suparna Damany (RSI Therapist and Author from Pennsylvania, USA).

RECOUP’s Professionals have conducted over 1500 training sessions or workshops on different aspects of Occupational Health, have produced over 300 scientific publications or presentations and are on the editorial panel of major International Sub-specialty journals. The Health and Safety Executive and the Department of Health (Govt of UK) have proposed to fund a research study in 2010 to document RECOUP’s extraordinary results with RSI as compared to the poor outcomes obtained in NHS and private clinics in the UK. RECOUP’s Ergonomists has successfully treated over 150,000 RSI patients from 25 countries with a success rate of over 95%. RECOUP conducts over 25 International and National Level Conferences and Courses on RSI and Ergonomics every year.

  • RECOUP has started the EPM International Ergonomics School in association with Ergonomics for Posture and Movement, Milano (Italy), the world’s foremost Ergonomics and Occupational Health Institution.
  • RECOUP is the only authorised Institution at present in all the English speaking countries to conduct certified training in Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation and OCRA Methods, under the aegis of the International Ergonomics School. These are considered gold standard tools for assessing the Ergonomic risk factors involved in manual material handling and biomechanical overload due to repetitive activities according to the current ISO standards for Ergonomics.
  •  An International Online Certification Course in Ergonomics is likely to be offered in 2013 by RECOUP under the aegis of the International Ergonomics School.
  • Dr. Deepak Sharan is the Founder Director of EPM International Ergonomics School and the President of the Indian Ergonomics School, affiliated to the EPM International Ergonomics School.
  • RECOUP’s Ergonomists have over 12 years of experience in job risk analysis,  macro and micro ergonomics, cognitive ergonomics and applied physical rehabilitation methods.
  • RECOUP’s Ergonomists are currently collaborating with several International Ergonomics research groups to develop new risk assessment tools.



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